11/9/2016 - 6:51 AM : Camp, Death Valley National Park

It’s a brand new day; a moment to choose a course. 

I began unsure of myself - an attitude lingering from a long, relentless month on the road. My camp became the transitionary force that began to pull me into nature’s snare. As I sat in reflection, I felt my heart begin to open up. 

I drove over Daylight Pass, arms outstretched singing at the top of my lungs. Your presence radiated through my being - a wonderful sensation. 

The Devil’s Cornfield will always inspire me. My eyes see the wonder of such a mystery. Perspective fuels understanding. This place has become a light in the dark - a turning point. 

That moment when I looked upwards towards the heavens and the stars - sweet melodies rang through the atmosphere, and my soul was outpoured within the soft light upon the vast desert floor. Pure ecstasy comes from embracing simplicity. 

I thought, “What am I doing here?” Have you ever experienced a moment so surreal that it breaks free from the realm of reality? A “pinch me” moment that seems as though you’ve been asleep, only now to be awoken in an experience so obscure that it has to be a dream. This is life. 

That light in the distance…it seemed so out of place - an invasion of the pure, untouched desert where I come to rest. I had to find a new camp that night. Even amidst the presence of another, my spirit was at peace. Even though I had left the embrace of the familiar: my beloved camp - I felt more confident then ever before. Nature knows no boundaries.

The morning lifted me up! The dawn offered insight into my heart. Even now, as I write, I feel the hope of a new day. Simplicity is the return to the roots of humanity. It’s the pursuit of Your presence alone. 

As I drove through Emigrant Canyon, I felt myself being drawn into something, or somewhere. I followed this sensation as it led me to Augberry Camp; a relic of the past. The abandoned buildings served as a memorial to a time that I cherish - a pursuit of the unknown. The inception of this wonderful journey.

My eyes surveyed the landscape, looking for anywhere that might provide inspiration; a place to rest, reflect and refuel my body and soul. Again, I was drawn further into the unknown. It was as if You were slowly unraveling the packaging of a wonderful gift.

I wandered up an abandoned road and made a day camp on the rocks overlooking the vast desert below. 

An open mind embraces discovery; knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Nothing is mundane. No idea is unworthy. I dove into the intricacies of nature; our interconnected destiny. 

I sang from the mountaintop! Expression came with no price. This is life.

The top of the mountain pass became my next day camp. Nostalgic melodies reverberated through my surroundings as I prepared a meal. The sun made its way down towards the horizon and the last light of day shined upon a need for reconciliation and understanding. 

Darkness brought paranoia and delusion. You remember that “pinch me” sensation? This is life too, you know…

I flew down from the pass without a care in the world. My soul was electrified within the sound of a joyful melody. 

Then the world returned…

How could this be? Joy faded into anxiety. The freedom I gained was lost in an instant. Now I sit here, eyes fixed on the horizon; the sun kisses my cheek. I’m at a loss…

We can reject division and hate. We must! If I can be transformed by Your touch, then our world can be turned as well. This metamorphosis must take place. I believe that light will shine through the darkness. We must cling to hope that’s in our hearts.

I’m choosing to be strong, however strength leaves room for mourning. I’ve broken down multiple times, but strength means choosing to move forward with determination and hope. All things work in favor of those who believe. 

It’s a brand new day; a moment to choose a course.