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We’re two buddies with a common belief: that there is adventure all around us just waiting to be discovered! However, adventure won’t come looking for you, you have to go find it.  A love of nature can change your life, strengthen relationships with others and offer a new perspective of this incredible world that we live in. We’ve made it our mission to hike, explore and find adventure in the national parks and even in our own backyards. Join us in spreading awareness of  wild places all over the world. They need our help!


Jack Steward


Jack Steward is an adventurer, optimist and storyteller. Growing up in Minnesota, Jack spent most of his time exploring the north woods and making movies with his best friend, Colton Smith. However one road trip out west with the family would change the course of his life forever. The first time he gazed up at the mountains of Grand Teton National Park, he knew that he had to climb to the top of one. After a very strenuous day of hiking, Jack's wish came true -  and now he was hooked. 

Jack's love of nature and the national parks began with his desire to push personal boundaries and experience the simplicity of life in the wilderness. This desire led him to study photojournalism at the University of Montana. During the summer before their sophomore year, Jack and his long-time buddy, Colton Smith embarked on a road trip out to Missoula, Montana. Colton took one look at the mountains and the campus of the University of Montana and applied for college right then and there - and the real adventure began. 

Photography projects and documentaries inspired Jack and Colton to find stories and adventures in the nearby Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. While the documentaries were certainly interesting, the stories that came out of their personal adventures were much more compelling. Jack and Colton began to show their photos and videos to friends at school, inspiring them to find adventures of their own in the parks.

After college, Jack pursued a career as a freelance television producer in Los Angeles. He continued to grow as a storyteller, working on television shows for VH1, Destination America, the Travel Channel and the CW. While in between jobs, Jack continued to explore the nearby mountains and deserts of Southern California, but one adventure in Zion National Park with Colton became the onset of an even greater journey. 

The guys returned from Zion with yet another crazy video of their adventures in the park. After sharing the piece with friends and family, they were encouraged to put together a pitch for a possible television series highlighting the beauty of our national parks. Together with the production company, Tremendous Entertainment they began to pitch the idea to various television networks. Finally, a company called Litton Entertainment decided to take a chance on the guys and Rock the Park was officially born. 

Today, Jack is living the dream with his best friend Colton. After three successful seasons and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Travel Program, Rock the Park continues to inspire people to seek adventure in our wonderful national parks. 



Colton Smith


Colton grew up in the small farming town of Delano, Minnesota. Never one to sit still, he found a love for basketball and football during high school, but multiple knee surgeries left him searching for a new passion. He moved to Missoula, Montana, to attend the University of Montana. Before moving, Colton had never seen mountains. He fell in love with the mountains and beauty of Montana after just one trip to Glacier National Park.  Since then, he’s spent every moment possible driving across the country; hiking and experiencing our nation’s national parks. When he’s not on the road filming Rock The Park, you can find Colton in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he spends his time exploring the Minnesota woods and working with Children’s Hospital to raise healthcare awareness to the next generation. 



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