“This is a collections of ideas that I have about gratitude and the power of positive thinking. The title comes from a song I wrote years ago. It means to view and examine a place thoroughly. We have the power to see this earth for what it truly is - an rich mosaic of people, places and ideas. We are the artists. It’s our conception of the world that helps us navigate our walk through life. Today, I am thankful to be alive. I’m thankful for my family and friends - these incredible national parks, and all of the people that I get to meet everyday. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless!”



I take a moment to stop and reflect. My mind becomes an empty canvas...

With the first brush stroke the artist begins.

Pockets of light and shadows within.

The color takes shape; the pattern shines through.

A horizon is born above an ocean of blue.

Clouds fill the sky; rain starts to fall.

The brush moves with haste and the image evolves.

Why the dark clouds, that cover the light?

You painted these colors; now they're just out of sight.

My mind starts to wander and the canvas fades.

A once work of art is now tattered and stained.

Before I move on, the artist moves in.

Color invades the darkness within.

Indigo, violet, yellow and green.

The brush is a reflection on an endless sea.

I look to the clouds and there is the light.

A small speck of gold pierces my sight.

Below on the shore, lines become form.

People are gazing out at the storm.

I examine the crowd and see faces of hope. 

Friends, loved ones, and people I don't know.

They watch as the darkness reveals the view.

Refraction of light creates beauty and truth.

I look at the canvas, now painted with light.

This is the world, but I'm nowhere in sight.

A remarkable thought enters my mind.

I am the artist and this is my design.

I'm thankful for the world, the beauty of life.

Even when darkness covers the sky.

I'm thankful for home; my family and friends.

And even for those I haven't met yet.

We are humanity and this is our call.

To be the artists of love and resolve.

I pray that your painting be shrouded in light.

Life is a gift that I won't let pass by.

I open my eyes and the canvas is clean.

Tomorrow's a chance to paint a new scene.

I take a moment to stop and reflect. My mind becomes an empty canvas...